Arrivi Gadget del 22/07/2013



Avengers – Hulk Maquette

Hot Toys

The Dark Knight – The Joker DX 2.0 Sixth Scale Figure
Avengers – Thor Masterpiece AF

DC Collectibles

The New 52 Flash Vs Vibe 2-Pack AF
The New 52 Martian Manhunter AF
Man Of Steel – Superman 1/6 Iconic Statue


One Piece – Caesar Clown Figuarts Zero
One Piece – Trafalgar Oka Shichi Ver. Figuarts Zero


Terminator – Motorcycle Cop AF
Terminator 2 – T-1000 Liquid Nitrogen AF
Rambo First Blood – John Rambo AF
A Nightmare On Elm Street – Furnace Diorama
Aliens – Xenomorph Warrior AF
Harry Potter – Harry OOP AF with Sound